Happiness Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll have an amazing time on our adventures, so confident that we’ll put our money on it.

How it works

Instead of lots of complicated rules and caveats, this is a policy founded on trust, honesty and common sense.

If we were an outdoor clothing brand and you came to us with a broken zip or faulty stitching, we’d either fix it or send you a new one, no questions asked.

Unfortunately travel is not that simple, but we aim to apply that same mentality to our happiness guarantee.

What you can do

If you feel let down by the experience or service you received, simply contact us.

We’ll gather all the details from you, then talk to your host to validate the problems and understand where things went wrong.  If something did clearly go wrong with your trip, or it wasn’t as described, and the problem was within the control of either ourselves or the host, we’ll work out compensation with you that’s proportional to the scale of the problem.

To help us make the policy work fairly and honestly for everyone, we just ask that you first point out the problem to the local host, and give them a chance to fix the situation while you are still away.

We stand by our promise

We and our hosts pride ourselves on the happiness of our customers, and this guarantee is designed to hold us accountable to that.

See this customer review as testament to what happens when it is called into action.

Had some fairly major issues with our trip, which Much Better Adventures agreed were unacceptable. Their customer service when they realised that things didn't go according to plan was second to none. I received my refund very quickly and I was also offered a voucher for future use. Whilst I had hoped not to have to complain, I was really impressed with how they dealt with everything.

In the one-in-many-thousands chance that you need to make a claim, simply email hello@muchbetteradventures.com and we’ll get right on the case.