What happens if my flights are cancelled?

We understand how frustrating it is to be told by your airline they have cancelled the flight you had booked as part of your adventure. However all is not lost. If you were set to fly with a UK or EU based airline, or your flight was set to depart from the UK, then your airline are obliged to find you an alternative flight.

Although most airlines will try offer you another one of their flights, you have the right to be booked onto a different airline if they are flying the route significantly sooner. This should be the first thing you request with your airline as soon as you are told your flight has been cancelled.


The airline also have a number of other responsibilities to you if cancelling your flight, while you wait for the new flight. This means they must provide:

  • A reasonable amount of food and drink (often provided in the form of vouchers)

  • A means for you to communicate (often by refunding the cost of your calls)

  • Accommodation, if you are re-routed the next day (usually in a nearby hotel)

  • Transport to and from the accommodation (or your home, if you are able to return there)

The airline must provide you with these items until it is able to fly you to your destination, no matter how long the delay lasts or what has caused it.


The UK Civil Aviation Authority note the below on their guide to cancelled flights; "Sometimes airlines are unable to arrange care and assistance for all passengers. This can happen when staff are stretched during major disruptions.


If this happens, in our view you have the right to organise reasonable care and assistance yourself, then claim the cost back later. If you end up paying for things yourself, keep every receipt and do not spend more than is reasonable. Airlines are unlikely to refund you for things like luxury hotels or alcohol."

In addition, you are entitled to compensation from the airline unless:

  • you are told of the cancellation at least two weeks before departure, or

  • you are told of the cancellation between one and two weeks before departure, and rerouting your flight will get you to your final destination no more than four hours late,

  • rerouting will get you to your destination no more than two hours late.

If there is not an alternative flight available that you can be put on arriving at the start point for your trip in time, please:

  1. Contact your local host (via your booking or the contact details shared in your pre-departure email) and let them know what time you are able to arrive. They will then check their logistics to enable join you up with the group.
  2. Contact our Customer Experience team (we will assist your local host with your arrangements).

Please note:

  • If you arrive after the start point of your adventure, you may be required to pay additional logistics costs in order to catch up with the rest of your group. Please ask for a receipt of these, if you wish to make a reimbursement claim for these with your travel insurance provider or your airline.
  • If you are sadly unable to join your trip as a result of flight cancellations or delays, the normal cancellation policy on your booking will apply. Please get in touch and we can provide you with a cancellation notice to support any reimbursement claims you wish to make with your travel insurance provider or your airline.