Things to know when booking Climb Mont Blanc for 2025

Planning to Climb Mont Blanc in 2025? Kudos to you! Here’s some additional information that you should know when booking your spot.

The Mountain Huts Rule All

For every climbing party going for the summit, they’ll stay at one of the mountain huts on Mont Blanc. On our itinerary, groups usually stay at the Tête Rousse Hut on Day 5, in preparation for an early start the next day on the way up to the top to allow enough time for the descent. These huts are independent from the mountain guiding companies, and tightly control their capacity for the entire season. Your summit attempt on Mont Blanc revolves around the mountain hut reservations, so securing these are essential. 

Book Early To Avoid Missing Out

In previous climbing seasons, the mountain huts have released their availability in several phases; typically 50%-75% in December and then the remaining amount in January. Once January has passed, only a few places on a few dates will be left, if any at all, and would be on a “On Request” basis. This is why it is important to book your place by November 2024 at the very latest, so our host partners are ready to make your hut reservations as soon as the hut capacity is released. All our spaces for the 2024 season sold out early for this very reason, it’s a big adventure you have to plan ahead for.

Passport Copy Needed For Hut Reservations

At the time of booking your place for Climb Mont Blanc 2025, you will also need to email a copy of your Passport ID page to us at Our team will then securely share this with our host partners in Chamonix, as they will need this at the point they are reserving your place in the mountain huts. It is essential that they have a copy of the passport you will be travelling on, so check your expiry date first.  

Flexibility Is A Virtue, Wait To Book Your Flights

Whilst highly unlikely, as there is extremely high demand for a finite number of spaces in the mountain huts on each date, there is a small chance that our host partners in Chamonix will need to secure reservations on the next closest date instead. This could potentially require a departure to be moved by +/-1 day to adjust for when the reservations fit. What this means is two things: 1) you should book in advance with a small bit of flexibility on the exact start & end date, and 2) you should hold off from booking your travel arrangements to Chamonix until the full season’s hut reservations have been confirmed in January 2025. This is a bit unusual, but it comes with trying to do something that is in high demand with very limited availability. The 2025 departures have been set to start on a Wednesday to place groups on Mont Blanc on the Sunday/Monday, when it is typically quieter, to maximise the likelihood of securing the reservations as per the planned schedule.

If you’re planning to Climb Mont Blanc in 2025, then you are probably someone who’s very motivated by and dedicated to the idea of standing on top of the highest peak in Western Europe. We hope these unique complexities of booking your place are but a few small steps towards you reaching your goal.

Our team is here to help you towards your attempt to summit Mont Blanc, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions that aren’t covered here or on the trip page.

Now go ahead, return to the Climb Mont Blanc (4805m) page and book your spot on your biggest adventure yet!