Morocco Earthquake Response

Our response to the earthquake in Morocco and answers to questions you may have about travelling to Morocco

On 8 September 2023, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. 

We are so relieved to be able to confirm that all our customers, local guiding teams and their families are safe and accounted for.  Not everyone was so lucky, though. Displaced families - particularly in remote, mountainous regions - are now in desperate need of food, water, and shelter.

What Much Better Adventures are doing to support the recovery

We're going to be donating 5% of our revenues for the rest of September up to £10,000 towards the cause. We have also already committed £5,000 for immediate aid to support the response team on the ground - and we're asking if you, our global community of adventurers, can help us to double that.

Our money will support the High Atlas Foundation, who work within the hardest-hit and isolated High Atlas region. Every penny will help to support the custodians of the Atlas mountains - who need us now more than ever.

Donate to our High Atlas Relief Fund

By helping the families in the High Atlas we are also helping to preserve these amazing destinations. These families are the stewards of the wild places we love to visit, and getting them back up and running is vital to supporting the wild places we all so love to explore. You can donate here

You’ll find all the important information about travelling to Morroco in our FAQs below for more details and we hope you’ll join us in making a difference in Morocco's journey to recovery, through the power of adventure.


1. Is it safe to visit Morocco now? 

Flights to Morocco are running normally and the FCDO have have not restricted travel but there are certain regions that are not ready to receive tourists at this stage while the local authorities deal with the immediate aftermath. That is not true for all destinations in Morocco, which is a big country, and we have continued running trips safely in other parts of the country since the event at the encouragement of our local hosts and their communities.

2. Should I cancel or defer my trip? 

Morocco needs our support now. Donations are one thing and will help massively in the immediate aftermath, but the long-term recovery of this region relies on keeping that sustainable income stream from tourism open. So it is crucial that we keep travelling there.

Many of our adventures to Morroco are still running as planned. If your adventure has been cancelled, please consider rescheduling your trip. You'll support Morocco and we’ll make sure you will explore this incredible destination safely. 

3. Which Morocco trips are still running as normal?

We have 12 trips in Morocco, in different parts of the country that were all impacted differently, as this impact map demonstrates: 

The following trips have been able to run safely with no changes to the itinerary, and with MBA customers travelling on all of them since the earthquake took place:

Surf in Morocco and Moroccan Surf Adventure

Our two surfing trips are located in Taghazout, and fly in / out of Agadir. Although the area experienced some small tremors, had no damage during the earthquake and is located over 300km / 175 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake. 

Intro to Rock Climbing and Yoga

The trip takes place in Todra Gorge, which is over 350km / 200 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake and was not impacted at all by the earthquake, and the trip has been able to run without any itinerary changes this week. The trip starts and finishes in Marrakesh, but the accommodation has been inspected and did not have any damage. 

Ultimate Adventure Through Morocco

This trip has a wide-ranging itinerary through Morocco but kicks off in Casablanca (300km away / 175 miles north of the epicentre) and was not impacted in any way by the earthquake. The full route of the trip and the accommodation has been inspected by the local team, and no adjustments are required.

- Cycle The Backroads Of Morocco

The cycle route avoids the area where the earthquake took place, and all accommodation has been inspected just as an extra precaution. 

- Explore Moroccan Kasbahs and Camp in the Sahara

This trip has now restarted and is able to run with no changes to the itinerary.

4. Which trips are currently not running and when will they resume?

We have cancelled all Trek the Atlas Mountains trips up to 08 October 2023 and all of our Mount Toubkal trekking trips (listed below) up to 21 October 2023 to allow time for the safety of the trekking routes and accommodation to be fully assessed. We have worked closely with our local host to determine when it is safe to resume all treks in the area.

As of 05 October 2023, our local host was pleased to report that trekking in these areas has started to return to normality and the mountain refuge at Toubkal Basecamp re-opened this week.

- Climb Mount Toubkal
- Climb Mount Toubkal and Sleep in the Sahara
- The 3 Peaks Challenge in Morocco
These trips will all operate as planned from the start of the new trekking season, beginning April/May 2024.

- Climb Mount Toubkal - Circular Route
The last departure of the season will operate on 30 October 2023 on an amended itinerary. The affected customers have been informed of the amendments. This trip will then resume as planned, operating on the advertised itinerary from the start of the new trekking season in May 2024.

- Trek the Atlas Mountains
Our local host is pleased to report that the majority of this itinerary can operate safely as planned, however, due to some repair work and further safety checks required at one of the gites in the village of Tizi Oussem, this trip is currently operating on an amended itinerary through October 2023. It is also likely that this trip will continue to operate on the amended itinerary through November 2023 if it is not possible to stay in Tizi Oussem. All groups in October and November have been advised in further detail. It is then expected that this trip will resume as per the advertised itinerary from December 2023 onwards.

- Climb Mount Toubkal: The Winter Edition
This trip's season starts in November 2023 and will operate as advertised.

5. Can I still book trips to Morocco?

Absolutely. All trips are taking new bookings, including those which are running as normal. If you book on to a trip which ends up being cancelled by Much Better Adventures on behalf of our hosts for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund, which is stated in our standard booking terms. 

6. What happens if my trip does get cancelled due to Earthquake damage?

You will get a full refund, or have the option to change dates or take credit to travel on a different adventure. 

7. Can I cancel my booking or change my date even if my trip has not been cancelled?

If your trip is not cancelled then your standard booking terms will apply - check your booking for details, or get in touch with our customer service team on

8. How will I know if my adventure is running?

All customers with trips due to depart to Morocco within the next 8 weeks have been contacted individually via their bookings to provide a status update on their trip. If you are not sure, just get in touch with our customer experience team on

9. Who are you supporting with the High Atlas Relief Fund? 

We have chosen to support the High Atlas Foundation, who work within the hardest-hit High Atlas region by donating 5% of revenues for the rest of September. They have years of expertise in delivering crucial aid to these remote villages and are uniquely equipped with the ideal toolkit for sourcing and dispersing vital provisions, including non-perishable food, water, and blankets. We kicked off the High Atlas Relief Fund and are currently collecting donations from our community as well.