Israel Conflict: travel to Jordan

How is the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian Territories affecting trips?

There has been a major escalation in the long running conflict between Israel and Palestine. On 07 October 2023, Palestinian militant group, Hamas, launched an attack on Israel. Israel then retaliated by declaring a state of war and striking targets in Gaza.

Much Better Adventures do not run trips in Israel & the Palestinian Territories.

We understand you might have some questions or concerns about travelling so take a look at these FAQs below:

1. Are trips in Jordan still running normally?
All trips are operated in line with the British FCDO travel advice and our own expert security advisors. Both the FCDO and our security advisors confirm that trips are safe to run but we are keeping a close eye on developments in the region and if the advice for Jordan changes, we will update customers with any news straight away.

We are also in close contact with our local hosts in Jordan: they have reported that local conditions remain peaceful and unaffected by recent events. A number of demonstrations have taken place in Jordan and more protests are likely to take place, particularly after Friday prayers, however they remain peaceful. 

Our trips in Jordan are continuing to operate normally and we have several groups out there at the moment. 

2. Can I cancel or postpone my trip?
As trips are continuing to operate normally, cancellations or date changes are possible but subject to usual booking terms and conditions and therefore may incur fees. If the advice from the FCDO and our security team advice changes, then you will have the option to change your dates or get a refund (see question 6). We are reviewing the situation on a daily basis. 

3. Should I travel if I am an Israeli National?

If you are an Israeli National due to travel to Jordan in the next few weeks, we would recommend you postpone your trip for your own safety. Please get in touch with our customer service team on straight away, along with proof of your nationality, then we can assist you with this. 

4. Can I still book a trip to Jordan?

Absolutely. However we would strongly recommend making sure you take out travel insurance which includes cancellation cover at the time of booking, just in case you end up needing to make last-minute changes to your flights. 

5. What extra travel advice is there to keep me safe while in Jordan?

  • Monitor and follow your own national government's travel safety and security advisory scheme, such as that of the FCDO for UK citizens.
  • Whilst on their trip, speak to your Host and follow advice specific to the area you are travelling in.
  • Avoid public demonstrations, protests or gatherings.
  • Avoid displaying any political or overtly religious symbols and conversations about politics, or the security situation, in public settings.
  • Avoid taking photographs that are not of tourist related scenes - ask your host if you are unsure.

6. What happens if my trip does get cancelled at short notice?

You will get a full refund, or have the option to change dates or take credit to travel on a different adventure. Regardless of which option you choose we will provide you with a document to support you making a claim for flights with your travel insurance: so do ensure you have taken out cancellation cover straight away.  

This recent experience posted on Trustpilot from one of our customers impacted by the earthquake in Morocco should give you confidence:

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7. What happens if the UK FDCO travel advice changes while my trip is in progress?
We receive real-time safety updates and travel advice for Jordan from the UK FCDO. In addition, our local host is based in Jordan and provides us with regular updates from this area. Your safety is our priority so in the event that the UK travel advice changes whilst your trip is in progress, then measures will be taken to comply with the advice. Your local host and their team are able to support travellers on the ground and they have recently reviewed contingency plans for their trips. We also work with an expert security and incident management partner who is available 24/7 to offer additional support, if required.
Nb. If you are not a UK citizen, you should monitor the advice of your national government's foreign travel advisory.

Any further updates will be posted to this page. Our customer service team are always here to help: you can contact them on 

Last update: Monday 16th October 2023