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Affiliate disclaimer

You’ll notice that some of our articles include links to products and services we recommend for living your most adventurous life. We earn a tiny commission if you click on one of those links and end up buying something. These links are only included where useful and appropriate and never jeopardise the quality or credibility of our content.

How does it work?

We have partnered with a couple of third-party affiliate platforms that have relationships with thousands of brands and retailers across the globe. When you click on a link, a cookie is dropped to track whether you end up making a purchase. If you do, that sale is attributed to us, and we get our tuppence worth. You can find more details about our privacy policy here.

Why are we doing this?

Every penny we make at Much Better Adventures goes back into the business to ensure we can continue to deliver you proper adventures and protect the world’s wild places.

If you book an adventure with us we earmark 5% of our revenues to go towards the Much Better Foundation. We’re doing the same with our affiliate revenues. The more money we make, the more good things we can do for the planet. So get clicking!

Our code of conduct

Rest assured that we never let our affiliate partnerships impact or sway the content we create. We have, and will always write content about things we believe in, that we hope you find useful and inspiring - to fill your life with adventure. Our affiliate articles are no different.

We are extremely picky about the products and services we mention and link to but, hand on heart, we can’t always claim to have individually tested every one of them atop a mountain during a storm. However, we ask those that have, pool independent reviews, and where we can, put them through their paces ourselves.

Where we do review a product, we will be nothing but honest. We have full editorial control and will never be steered by commercial gains or gifted items.

We also do our utmost to ensure that at the time of publication brands that we link to have a robust sustainability strategy in place, have ethical consumer and staff practices, and also ship globally. If you think otherwise, let us know, we like to be held to account so we can improve and progress.

Now go forth, shop, and protect the world’s wild places, one click at a time.

If you have a product that you think we need to be aware of, do get in touch with us at editor@muchbetteradventures.com.