You are free to upload your newest adventures whenever you like. Here is a guide to getting your trip online and selling.  

What are the steps? 

1. Input information.

Input all the info related to the trip, including everything from photo's to day-to-day itineraries to FAQs.
Once you're happy with your draft, hit submit product for review.

2. MBA Approval Requested

Our team of expert content writers will review your draft, and ensure the format and tone of voice match the rest of our site. Whilst we make these changes, your product will be marked as "MBA Approval requested" and you will not be able to edit the product.

3. Host Approval Requested

Once we're happy, we'll send the edited version back to you to ensure we've not missed anything important from the itinerary, and that you're happy with the changes we've made. You're free to make any changes at this point. When you're happy tick 'submit for review'. 

4. MBA Approved

We'll have one last review of the product and when happy mark it as "MBA Approved". Congratulations, your new product is live! Smiles all round.

Inputting your information 

When you are ready to upload a trip, log in to your account and go to 'travel manager', then 'your products'.  

  • Click on 'Add a product'
  • This will take you through to the following page. 
  • The 'internal name' will only be visible for you and will be for you own reference. 
  • Opt for 'adventure' or 'ski', depending on what you are uploading. 
  • Select the currency that you would like to receive payment in, then hit 'next'. 


  • You will then taken to the 'overview page.' 
  • 'Internal Name' - Will have been inputted on the previous page. 
  • 'Title' - This will be name visible to the public. Think of a title that you think best represents the experience. 
  • 'Short description' - A top-level description covering the highlights of what you will be doing and where. 
  • 'Overview' - Build on the short description to briefly describe the highlights of the trip. What are the main things that guests will be doing and why is the trip awesome? Why do you like this trip? 
  • 'Detail Inclusions.' - What will the customer get for their money? Describe in detail one item per bullet point. Include all the practical details of the service that guests will receive for their money. No need for emotive descriptions like 'incredible views' or 'unforgettable memories'. 
  • 'Price includes' - Check the correct options here. An incorrect tick could lead to us mis-selling your trip. 
  • 'Activities' - Only select main activities for this adventure. Don't mark your adventure as a 'swimming' adventure if you'll only be doing a little bit of swimming one afternoon, for example. 
  • 'Required Skills & Experience' - What level of fitness and previous experience is needed by guests to come on this trip? Who would this trip appeal to? 
  • 'Difficulty Level' - You have the option between 'easy', 'moderate', 'tough' and 'challenging'. There is a guide on the site to help you decide what your adventure should be classified as. Honesty is key here. 
  • 'Location details' - Provide a general description of the location and landscape that guests will encounter on the trip. Include any relevant historical or geographical information as well as key statistics will add some flavour to your product listing to help set the scene. 
  • Once you're happy, mark 'Save'. 


  • The more high quality photos we have, the higher the chances are that the trip will sell. 
  • Try to upload images that are between 1200 x 800 px.
  • The images should capture the key moments in the trip that would pull people to the trip. 
  • The top three photos are the ones that will be pulled for the hero image, so make sure they are the best ones. 
  • If you don't have good images but you have a fantastic adventure, let us know and we can arrange a photographer for you. 


  • 'Start Point' - Where will you meet the guest at the start of the adventure? 
  • 'End Point' - Where will the adventure end? 
  • 'Inbound and outbound airports' - Select the appropriate airport, even if transfers are not included. 
  • 'Itinerary' - This is where you can input the descriptions of each day of the trip. Here are some things to bear in mind.
  • What will the customer see? 
  • What are the key moments on the day? 
  • What are the timings of the meals, when will the activities start and finish? 
  • How tiring will the day be? 
  • How long will they be doing each activity? 
  • The header will use markdown
  • We will edit the text heavily here, so it's better to upload more information than less. 
  • So for example: 
### Day 3: Summit Mt. Toubkal and return to Marrakech

 Each title should follow the format 'Day x: Overview of the Day's activity.' 


  • On this section, you can enter the key locations that the guest will be travelling. You can find locations by entering landmarks names of post codes. More comprehensive maps make for a much more informative trip description. 


  • You should select the the correct type of accommodation. If it is a one day trip, simply leave this blank. 
  • 'Accommodation Details' - Try to include as much information about the accommodation as possible. 
  • What are the facilities like? How comfortable will it be? Include names of accommodations where you can. 
  • 'Accommodation comfort level' - The options will range from 'luxury' to 'basic' via 'comfortable'. 


  • There will be a range of FAQ's already filled, but please add any FAQ's that you think are important for the trip.  

You don't need to worry about the 'Departures' or 'Online Payment'. 

Passenger Details 

  • You can choose which details you'd like to be collecting from the guest. 
  • If we have something that is not currently specified, you can input a new question in the 'custom fields' area. 
  • Once all of the information is entered, you can 'submit for review'. 
  • When we have edited the product, you will receive an email from us to review your trip. 
  • When we are both happy with the trip, we will put the trip live and online, and an adventure will have been born. 

If you have any questions about anything to do with adding a new product to the site, simply drop us an email at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help you out. 

To Adventure! 

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