All departures must be guaranteed (or cancelled) 42 days before the start date

  • “Guaranteed” means the departure is 100% going ahead regardless of the current number of people booked onto it. 
  • Customers will be asked to pay the remaining balance due on their booking, and can book their flights/travel confidently.
  • If a departure is not guaranteed, we will automatically notify you 8 weeks (56 days), 7 weeks (49 days) and 6 weeks (42 days) before the start date and provide you with information about the current number of people booked on, and remind you that a decision must be made 6 weeks before the start date. 
  • We can offer plenty of assistance marketing and promoting departures that are guaranteed, or close to being guaranteed.


  • Our day-to-day mission is to create the simplest way for anyone to plan and book the best adventures and experiences on the planet, and for passionate local guides and independent businesses like you to reach the market.
  • Put simply, we want to give you more tools to manage your bookings and upcoming departures more effectively. 


Am I sent reminders?

  • Yes, you will receive automated notifications from our booking system reminding you of upcoming departures with bookings.
  • We will ask you to guarantee an upcoming departure - or to cancel it if you can't run it with the number booked on or you’re not confident of reaching the minimum group size. 
  • We are providing you with additional tools to manage your bookings and further improve the customer experience.

Why 42 days/6 weeks before the start date?

  • We’ve spoken to our customers and they want to book flights as early as possible.
  • Our customer terms and conditions also make clear that they will be informed of the trip status 42 days before the start date. 

What if this departure has zero bookings?

  • It can be left on sale or removed from your product.
  • Accepting a new booking request within 42 days of the start date will mark the trip as guaranteed.

How do I guarantee a trip?

What happens if I want to cancel the departure?

  • You will need to contact any customers that have already paid a deposit towards the trip and let them know it will not be going ahead. 
  • You can of course offer them the chance to move to alternative dates or a different trip altogether. 
  • If you cancel a trip we will refund the customer in full. 

If you’ve got any questions about these changes, please do let us know.

Best wishes,
The MBA team

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