From Manager, head into your products, and select the product you want to update.

On this screen, click "Departures"

Here you'll be presented with an overview of all your future departures and their current status:

There are 4 departure status':

  • Open - the minimum group size has not been reached.
  • Guaranteed - the minimum group size has been reached.
  • Full - the maximum group size has been reached.
  • Overbooked - more bookings have been accepted than the max group size.

To make changes to a specific departure click on the date you want to update:
(video demo below)

At the top of this screen you can see how many more bookings are needed for the departure to reach the minimum group size.

If you can run the departure with a lower minimum group size, please tick "mark as guaranteed"

This will update the departure and change the status to "Guaranteed".

Alternatively, if you have other customers booked on to this departure already, head to "Offsite Bookings" and select the number of people you already have on this departure.

Finally, to save these changes click "save" in the bottom right corner:

Here's a brief video demonstration:

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