It’s a no-brainer that a great set of photos make can make the difference between a customer choosing to click ‘Book’ or leaving the page.

Customers use our site because they are in the mood to book an exciting trip or an escape so it’s important that the visuals on your products reflect this. It’s not surprising that the most popular products on our site have strong visuals.

Studies indicate that ‘70% of customers rely on photos’ to learn about a holiday. User testing that we’ve done have shown that it’s the first thing people look for when browsing their options and good images keep users far more engaged and encourage them to read more and enquire.

How to check and change your photos

  1. Head to Your Products in Manager and select the product you want to add photos to. 
  2. In Product Setup, select Photos
  3. Scroll down the page and click 'Add Images'. You can then bulk drag and drop your files in.

Note: we suggest putting your very best image first and adding accommodation images at the end.

Want new photos taken?

Check out our Free Video and Photography service for hosts

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