We would encourage all travellers to check the travel restrictions in place for your destination as some have specific restrictions depending on your place of origin or recent travels. Some useful resources for this include:

Should you not be able to join the trip you have booked due to being denied entry at short notice or even upon arrival to the country, or be required to enter quarantine on arrival, MBA and your local host will assist you in any way we can in making suitable arrangements. All expenses for alternative travel, testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you, so it is important you have appropriate travel insurance.

Your normal cancellation terms will apply if you need to cancel your trip for the following reasons:

  1. You are denied boarding to your flight due to failing Covid checks.

  2. You are unable to join your trip due to not fully complying with the testing or vaccination requirements to enter the destination country.

We recommend customers take out travel insurance with specific Covid-19 cancellation and curtailment provision which is now available from many reputable providers. Our recommended provider is Campbell Irvine.

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