No, it is not possible to change your decision at a later date.

This might sound unfair, and we appreciate your circumstances might change, but let us briefly explain why. Since Covid-19 started affecting our adventures in March 2020, we have worked hard with our local hosts to ensure anyone on a cancelled trip is offered the fairest and flexible set of options available anywhere. We’re really proud to see how well our adventurous community has appreciated this flexibility; and prouder still that organisations such as Which? have recognised our customer-centric efforts.

Critical to the ability of both ourselves and your local hosts to navigate these troubled waters is being able to plan ahead based on the choices our customers make at the point when their trip is cancelled, which is why your decision to convert your booking to account credit is final once submitted.

If you move to a new date, your booking will be updated and the terms and conditions of your new date will now apply. Again – this decision is final and refunds cannot be requested at a later date. If in the future you want to convert your booking into account credit, the terms for nearly all trips permit this, and for the vast majority of our trips this is possible up to 31 days before departure.

We know it’s not always easy to know what to do when your plans are cancelled so there is no rush to make a decision. During this time your booking is held securely and don’t forget our friendly customer support team is on hand to help answer any questions or concerns that you have.

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