How do I get a discount code?

Find a friend who’s already booked a Much Better Adventure who can give you a referral code, or book holidays with us to unlock referral discounts!

We email discounts codes to customers who have been referred by a friend. The more you recommend us and help us grow the community, the bigger the discount codes become. 😄

Discounts codes look like this: ELUT-AKBW

I've been given a referral code - how do I apply it?
How do I give someone my referral code?

What other discounts are there?

The Trailblazer discount is a great way of enjoying an awesome adventure at a reduced price.  When we release new dates for certain adventures we open them at discounted rate and the first 4 people to make a booking will benefit from 5% off. 🎉

The Trailblazer price will show on the trip page down in the dates and prices section.


Tester trips - Essentially it’s great news - Tester trips have places available at a 20% discount. 🎉

This is because the trip is a recently launched Much Better Adventure and we’re “testing” the trip to make sure it all runs as intended. 

As we often like to send people to places that are off-the-beaten track we think it’s only fair to offer the first trip at a reduced price as there is an increased potential for the unexpected to crop up - one might argue a real adventure. 😀

As it’s a new trip we also have greater hopes that those who book will help us with photos and feedback.

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