We are always looking for ways to enhance our customers experience and make this the best adventure booking platform in the world so we can send you more customers. After much research and analysis, it is clear what the next step needs to be: 

Make every departure date instantly bookable and guaranteed to run. 

Here's why:

A much better customer experience

The two most painful aspects of the customer booking experience are:

  • Requesting to book, then waiting up to 72 hours for a response from the host.
  • Booking, and being told the trip is not guaranteed to run yet.

Both of these create a lot of uncertainty, make it impossible to complete other bookings like flights and hotels, and give people many reasons to try to book elsewhere. In many cases customers won't know if a booking is guaranteed until months after they booked, which makes it likely flights will be much more expensive.

Up to 38% more bookings as a result

We ran a trial with a selection of trips this year. We guaranteed dates even when there were no bookings yet, and made them instantly bookable instead of 'on request'.

These trips converted 38% more visitors into bookings, compared to the platform as a whole. There may be other reasons for this, but is an indicator that this could help you get more bookings.

Would this concept work for you?

Our goal is for every pre-set departure date on sale to be guaranteed to run, and every booking to be immediately, automatically accepted. We know that can be a challenge for some, so we have come up with some options we hope will work to minimise the risk for all the different types of business we work with. Here’s a summary.

For each date on a trip, you can either choose for it to be sold on allocation, or exclusively through us:


Often to referred to a co-selling or selling-in, this works perfectly when you have dates you are already selling through your own website and other partners. You just input an allocation of spaces you are willing to sell through us on each date. We ask that you guarantee to run every date that is on sale at any given time, and to honour all bookings that you receive through us. You can update the allocation any time to reduce or stop bookings for a date to avoid overselling.


When this is a trip you don’t sell through your own website or other partners, or you are just simply not confident in getting any bookings without us, we can work with you on an exclusive basis to help minimise the risk of guaranteeing trips you are not sure about.

We will take some of that risk, and agree that if you get even 1 person booked, we will pay you for a minimum number of people, usually 2, to ensure the trip goes ahead regardless of the number of bookings. While there are no bookings received for a date, you are able to take that date off sale of course, but once one booking is received, it cannot be taken off sale. We will agree the final terms of exclusive arrangements like this with you in advance.

For more detail, we have created an illustration to outline the concepts. Please take a look.

Give us your feedback

Once you have reviewed the options, have a think about which option works for your products on sale through us, and then head here to answer this quick 2 question survey.

We’ll gather your feedback to refine the concept, then update you with the final plan. 2019 bookings are already coming in, so this needs to be done soon to take advantage of early booking opportunities. Once this is live, you’ll be able to update your settings for all future dates on sale, and make them instantly bookable. We anticipate this to be in September.

Here is to even happier adventurers! 🎉 

p.s. Please note, these are just for pre-set departure dates, where people are able to book individually and join other customers. Private and tailormade group bookings will still work on request as normal, allowing you to make custom quotes for private group enquiries.

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