We’re embarking on an ambitious project to not only curate the world’s best adventure hosts (that’s you), but also document them with both video and photography.

We want to send out a videographer/photographer to capture the experience with you, and provide you with visual assets that you can use in your own marketing channels and across social media. We’ll do the same to help market your trip from our end. 

Good quality images have always been a must for any business, and video is now essential too. It can be very a valuable asset for you - it is shown to increase trust and engagement on your website, encouraging more customers to book with you, and is also a powerful factor for search engine rankings for your website. 

All we’ll need from you in order to do this is a free spot on one of your trips. We’ll cover all other costs and provide the edited videos and photos free of charge.

What will you get? 

  1. A 45 - 60 second edited point-of-view camera ‘highlights’ video 
  2. A 15 - 20 second version for Facebook 
  3. A 15 - 20 second version Instagram 
  4. 6 - 8 photos

What will this video look like? 

The video will be shot on a GoPro or POV camera and will follow roughly the itinerary of the trip to give potential customers a real sense of what they will experience. It’s simple, but completely authentic. Each video will be set to music, but will also be mixed to ensure we hear those all important wild noises. 

Who will my videographer/photographer be? 

We work closely with a tight-knit community of freelance creators. Each creator is hand-picked for their creative skills, their professionalism and their passion. We will do our best to endeavour to find the exact match for you. You will be introduced to them via email before they travel out. 

When will I get my content? 

Our creators are instructed to deliver all content back to us within 28 days. Once we have signed everything off we will send it on to you via wetransfer. 

How does it work?

  1. Let us know which trips you are happy to give a free spot on
  2. We will speak to our creators and find the best match 
  3. We will introduce you to the creator via email where you can both decide upon a date that mutually works and book them on via the offsite bookings function in Manager"
  4. Host the trip as normal
  5. Receive the video and photo package within 30 days to use as you wish.

Job done!

Up for it? 

Just let us know which trips you’d like covered. We’ll do the rest and let you know when the videographer is booked in for them.

The small print 

  • It is a legal requirement that anyone that features within the video and images have expressed their permission to use their likeness. It will be your responsibility to ensure that other customers are aware and advised to stay out of shot if they do not want to be filmed. 
  • Unfortunately we cannot cater to additional content requests. The videographer/photographer has been clearly briefed and will be tasked with answering that brief. 
  • MBA will have final sign off of the content.  
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