Difficulty is a relative term, and adventure is a state of mind. For some people one of our adventures may be a simple walk in the park, whilst for others it may be a terrifying, life changing experience.* 

*We're not saying that a walk in the park can't be life changing mind, not at all. 

Our ratings explained:


These trips are open to anyone with a sense of adventure and love of the outdoors, you won’t need to be super fit to have a blast.

As a benchmark, you should be happy hiking, cycling or paddling for a few hours, and won’t need any previous experience, just the urge to explore.


When you’ve energy to burn, don your active wear and check out this range. You’ll be on the go much of the day, and probably get a sweat on. You won’t need any previous experience, just a head for adventure.

For example, you should be happy...

  • hiking for 5-6 hours on rough ground; or
  • cycling 40-50km; or 
  • paddling for 3-4 hours. 


These will no doubt get you puffing and groaning. You’ll want to be fit and up for a challenge, and probably wish you’d trained a bit more. Some previous experience is likely helpful.

For example, you should be happy with a few days back to back...

  • hiking up to 8 hours in the hills; or 
  • cycling up to 70km over hilly terrain; or 
  • paddling for 5-6 hours in choppy water


Our biggest and toughest adventures. They’ll push to the edge, but the edge is where it’s at right? Some previous experience will be needed. Bring your game face.

For example, you should be happy with a few days back to back...

  • 10 hours in steep terrain; or 
  • cycling 100km+ in the hills; or 
  • paddling up to 7 hours in tough conditions

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