Your friend will have passed you their referral code. It will look something like this: MUCHB6818

Create an account and enter your referral code to receive £25 discount code to use towards your first trip. When you book, your friend also receives £25 discount to use towards their next trip. 😊

All you need to do is register with us via the account/sign up icon (top right on our site) or follow this link:

Then just enter your unique code in the bottom box of this form:

If you already have an account with us, your referral code won't get you any discounts :(

Once you’ve joined our community you will be sent a separate email for a £25 discount code which you can use on your first booking.

It will also automagically be waiting for you to hit the ‘apply’ button when you are ready to pay the deposit for your first adventure.

Don’t forget to apply your discount at this stage as the code will disappear when you have made your first booking.

And after you have booked your first trip, your friend who gave you the code will also receive a £25 credit in their account as well. 😄 

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